DryGair dehumidifiers, developed for professional growers, provide the leading solution for commerial grow rooms.
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DryGair’s solution for grow rooms – the DG-X, is a high-capacity, high-efficiency dehumidifier designed for optimal humidity control in agricultural grow rooms.

Cannabis grow room with Drygair

Photo by Lukas Friedrich

Why Grow Rooms Need Humidity Control
  • Avoid Dew Point Condensation and High Humidity
  • Prevent Molds (Such as Bud Rot)
  • Improve Product Quality
The Challenge of Humidity in Grow Rooms

Grow rooms have a unique set of challenges. Being completely closed, while housing large amounts of crowded plants, makes humidity a major problem.

As opposed to greenhouses, indoor grow rooms aren’t exposed to sunlight. Rather, all lighting comes from grow lights. This makes the grow room environment much warmer than a common greenhouse. Under these conditions, grow rooms require a different solution from greenhouses.

Our grow room dehumidifier, the DG-X, is designed to handle the massive amounts of humidity, under the warm conditions found in grow rooms.

DG-X is compact and offers dynamic placement options, allowing growers to maximize the limited space in their grow rooms.

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