Why Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) Is More Important than Relative Humidity (RH)

Relative humidity (RH) and vapor pressure deficit (VPD) are two different ways to measure humidity. While most growers traditionally use RH to track their greenhouse or indoor humidity, more and more growers are switching to monitoring VPD. VPD provides a different approach to humidity, one which is more focused on plants. It allows growers to […]

Greenhouse Climate Control – How to Improve Plant Growth

Growing crops in controlled environments lets us grow larger quantities and better-quality produce, year-round. Modern horticulture is built and thrives on this principle. One of the most important aspects of growing in a protected environment, such as a greenhouse, is climate control. By growing in a greenhouse, growers get the best of both worlds. They’re […]

How Dehumidification Improves Flower Cultivation

Flowers aren’t like other crops. In most cases, they aren’t grown for food, or for medicine, but for their beauty. So, whether you grow potted flowers or cut flowers, the value is ultimately determined by how your flowers look. This means technologies like dehumidification are critical in flower greenhouses, and necessary in order to get […]

MMJ Daily on DryGair – Dehumidification Gives Growers a ‘Steering Wheel’

The following is a summary of an article originally published on MMJ Daily, discussing DryGair, dehumidification and botrytis. Dehumidification, combined with effective air movement, is highly effective at preventing botrytis in cannabis (bud rot). This is backed by new research conducted by Delphy, a company that develops knowledge for food and flower cultivation. Eef Zwinkels, […]

How Humidity Affects Greenhouse Energy Usage

Dealing with high humidity in the greenhouse, or indoor grow room, can take a lot of energy. Especially if you rely on ventilation and heating to control humidity. But humidity control doesn’t have to be so energy intensive. Using a dehumidifier designed for horticulture will extract water from the air with much greater energy efficiency, […]

DryGair’s Environmental Benefits – Understanding Energy, Toxicity, GWP & ESG

Growing food, flowers and medicinal plants has a substantial environmental impact. Especially when it comes to growing in protected environments, such as greenhouse and indoor grow rooms. Besides providing effective humidity control, DryGair’s environmental benefits include energy savings and a reduced use of toxic sprays. Reducing the environmental footprint of horticulture is a major part […]

Cannabis Case Study – Cannabis Greenhouses With the DryGair Solution

This cannabis case study compares DryGair’s innovative dehumidifiers with traditional means of greenhouse humidity control. The case study discusess growing conditions and energy consumption, and provides an informed conclusion for cannabis growers. Intro to Cannabis Greenhouse Case Study The innovative DryGair solution targets one of the biggest issues in greenhouse climate control: humidity. Plant transpiration […]

Active Dehumidification is Better Than Humidity Mitigating Greenhouse Designs

Modern horticulture techniques let us grow food, medicine, and beautiful ornamentals, faster, and more efficiently than ever. Progress in this sector never stops, and new innovations constantly hit the market. With so many ways to deal with different greenhouse issues, it’s often hard for growers to know what the right solution is for them. This […]

DryGair at Cultivate 2021

Cultivate 2021 was fantastic. It’s a great feeling to finally be able to attend in person and meet everyone. We really missed it! It’s always exciting to get one of our DG-12‘s to an exhibition and be able to show it off. We would like to thank everyone that stopped by our booth and had […]

Medical Cannabis Pioneer better uses DryGair to Grow Unique Strains to Treat PTSD

Kan, the Israeli Public Broadcast Corporation, has recently released a short documentary about better, a global medical cannabis pioneer. better use advanced organic growing methods to provide patients with high quality cannabis. They also develop their own cannabis strains and participate in groundbreaking medical and horticultural research. One of better’s focus points, highlighted in the […]

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