SmartDG is an innovative interface that lets growers monitor and control their DryGair units remotely

The system offers an interactive platform which monitors, collects data, and allows control over several DG units in a growing space.

The SmartDG interface is accessible through any web browser, on any online platform (PC, smartphone, etc.).

Realtime Dehumidification Data
  • On/off power switches for the unit, fans and heating and cooling functions (for heating and cooling units only)

  • Real-time relative humidity and temperature monitoring

  • Modify relative humidity and temperature set points
  • Dew point and VPD monitoring
  • Estimated hourly average water removal rate (optional)

  • Incoming water temperature monitoring for heating and cooling functions
  • Monitor compressor operation and accumulative runtime

Additionally, you may use the ‘Technical Zone’ to collect and view data to improve cultivation and unit maintenance.

*At 64°F (18°C), 80% relative humidity

Connection to the Internet

SmartDG units are connected to the internet through a Smart Hub. The Smart Hub connects to all SmartDG units in the facility, and is capable of transmitting and directing signals to up to 10 Smart DG units.

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