DryGair Features

Efficient Large-Scale
Dehumidification for Horticulture

DryGair provides high water extraction rates, using efficient, condensation-based dehumidification. Designed for optimal performance under greenhouse and grow room conditions.

Patented Air Circulation for
Uniform Climate

DryGair’s patented air circulation module and powerful fans spread the treated air in all directions, 360°, to ensure homogenous, optimal climate conditions throughout your growing facility.
Air Circulation
Climate Control Integration
Simple Integration
Designed for Agriculture
Efficiency - Liter/kW
Patent Protected
Easy to Clean - GMP Compliance

Our Blog

Why Greenhouse Dehumidifiers Aren’t Effective When Using Wet Pad and Fan Systems

Evaporative cooling, such as wet pad and fan systems, is common in greenhouses in warm regions. Growers often ask if, and how, dehumidifiers can work in conjunction with wet pads. The short answer is – they shouldn’t run simultaneously. Pad and fan systems and dehumidifiers have opposite functions, making them negate each other’s operation: Dehumidifiers […]

Drygair’s First Customer in the Netherlands Equips Entire Company with Drygair Units

Kwekerij Marcel Vijverberg, a greenhouse horticultural company in Maasland, Netherlands, equips all facilities with DryGair dehumidifiers. The company grows potted plants and, in spring, mainly hanging and terrace plants. The range consists of more than 55 different varieties in colorful pots. Sustainability is of the utmost importance in his company. Using the latest techniques, energy […]

How Humidity Control Improves Nutrient Transport in Plants

There are many factors that affect plants’ ability to take in nutrients and spread them to the cells within the plant. One of the most effective ways to improve nutrient transport is humidity control. What is Nutrient Transport? Plants are living organisms. Like any living being, they break down nutrients in order to grow and […]

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