Our Team

Adv. Rona Orlicky

Co-founder and CEO

Rona is one of the co-founders of DryGair Energies Ltd. and the company’s CEO since it was established.

Rona has over 20 years of business, legal and financial experience in leading infrastructure, innovative ventures. Taking a significant part in such projects from their foundation throughout all stages of business development. Rona held various positions in various companies (legal advisor, CEO, director or investor). Amongst her fields of expertise are international submarine telecommunication systems, gas exploration, BOT infrastructure ventures and start-up companies.

Mr. Ziv Shaked

VP Marketing & Sales

Ziv@drygair.com contact

Ziv is DryGair’s VP Marketing & Sales. Ziv acts as the liaison between DryGair’s headquarter and its worldwide distributors and subsidiaries.

He has nearly 20 years of experience in international marketing and sales, developing of distribution channels worldwide, building strategic partnerships, and promoting Israeli Hi Tech companies and agro-technologies in the international arena. In the last few years he focuses on advancing innovative agriculture technologies.

Mrs. Alona Ron-Snir

Business Development Manager

Alona@drygair.com contact

Alona is DryGair’s Business Development manager. Responsible for international cooperation and business partnerships,

she promotes government’s support and regulation and manages DryGair’s projects worldwide. She has over 15 years’ experience in companies’ valuation, in building financial models, and preparing business plans. She specializes in economic analysis of companies, potential projects, and markets. Alona managed the economic division in the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, and these days she is also a teacher.

Mrs. Hadar Fuchs-Rubal

Economist and Marketing Manager

hadar@drygair.com contact

Hadar is DryGair’s Economist and Marketing Manager. In charge of economic analyses presenting benefits and values,

while addressing all factors and parties involved; analyzing world markets- focusing on energy and agriculture; developing economic and business models with optimization methods. Hadar is developing DryGair’s marketing network, mainly based on internet applications and social networks. Hadar specializes in agriculture and environment economics. Her experience includes economic and business consulting for the private and public sectors- mainly on environment and agriculture subjects.

Mr. Yonatan Peretz

Marketing & Sales

yonatan@drygair.com contact

Yonatan is a member of DryGair’s Marketing & Sales team. He is responsible promoting DryGair worldwide, online and offline,

developing DryGair’s marketing network mainly through the internet and social networks. Yonatan has work experience in developing a marketing strategy for initiatives startups which he acquired while working in B2C marketing for a Canadian company. Yonatan has B.A in Economics and Management track in Entrepreneurship.

Eng. Dan Peltinov

Co-founder and Head of R&D

Dan is the head of DryGair’s R&D. He has designed the first DryGair unit, and was part of the prototype testing team.

Since then, Dan has developed and adapted DryGair units to answer the requirements of different greenhouses and growers. In the last 10 years he works as a mechanical engineer and as project manager, developing refrigeration and air-treatment systems for different sectors such as: agriculture, blood centers and cold storage.

Mr. Shabtai Cohen

Company Agronomist

Shabtai is DryGair’s Agronomist. Since 1988 a senior researcher at the Ramat Negev & Mop Darom (R&D South).

Shabtai conducted extensive researches in arid lands agriculture. He developed the organic greenhouse industry in the south of Israel, and was responsible for the management of the R&D’s vegetable department. Since 2002, he has become an integral part of the design and establishment department of new agronomic projects around the world.
Mr. Cohen was awarded the Agritech prize for life work by the Minister of Agriculture and the MASHOV prize for Excellency in Agricultural Research.

Dr. Avraham (Avi) Arbel

Head of the Department of Growth,
Production & Environmental Engineering at the A.R.O.

Dr. Arbel invented DryGair’s concept, as part of his continuous research in controlled environment in agriculture.

Avi has a Ph.D. in Engineering from the Department of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, Tel Aviv University. He is the head of the Department of Growth, Production and Environmental Engineering at the A.R.O and a senior researcher. He develops and researches advanced technologies for climate control inside greenhouses and livestock housing. Dr. Arbel received “Scientist of the year 2011” for his unique innovative achievements to solve humidity problems inside greenhouses- the solution is applied throughout the globe. For more information: www.agri.gov.il/en/people/711.aspx

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