DryGair dehumidifiers, developed for professional growers, provide the leading solution for drying rooms for horticulture.
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DryGair’s solution for drying rooms – the DG-X, is a high-capacity, high-efficiency dehumidifier designed for optimal humidity control in agricultural drying rooms.

Why Do Drying Rooms Need Humidity Control?
  • Avoid Dew Point Condensation and High Humidity
  • Prevent Molds (Such as Bud Rot)
  • Improve Product Quality
The Challenge of Humidity in Drying Rooms

Drying rooms need to remove massive amounts of moisture in a short period of time.

When large amounts of plant matter enter the drying room, there’s a huge spike in humidity. Post-harvest buds still contain approximately 80% water, which needs to be removed quickly, before molds begin to develop.

Ideal Drying Room Conditions for Cannabis

Maintaining these conditions ensures mold-free, uniform, dry cannabis:

  • 50-60% relative humidity
  • No direct light
  • Air circulation to maintain homogeneous conditions
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