This Is DryGair

This Is DryGair

Video Footage – Various Crops

Get to Know the DryGair Dehumidification Solution

What Is The DryGair Solution for Humidity Control?

What Is the Dew Point & How Does DryGair Control & Manage It?

Why Water Removal Rate Doesn’t Matter Without Air Circulation/Movement

Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) & The Difference Between 65°F (18°C)/80 RH vs. 80°F (26°C)/80 RH

The Science Behind DryGair
Dew Point, Air Circulation and Humidity Diseases

Why Does Air Circulation Matter So Much?

What Is the Dew Point and How to Avoid it?

What Lurks Beneath the Surface? Botrytis!

360° View Inside a DryGair Greenhouse

Live Greenhouse Humidity Water Extraction – Shots from a Working Unit

Take a 360° Tour to See What DryGair’s 360° Air Circulation Looks Like – Flowers

Take a 360° Tour to See What DryGair’s 360° Air Circulation Looks Like – Cannabis

Events, Lectures, and Talks

What Is the DryGair Solution for Greenhouse Humidity Control? – Explanation Video

Lecture – Cultivating Quality Cannabis With the Power of Dehumidification

Quick Intro to the DryGair Technology

Webinar – Humidity: The Unrecognized Factor in Greenhouses

DryGair Online – CEO Rona Orlicky on Horticulture Humidity Control and Cannabis Cultivation

Drying Room Tip – Know Your Strains and Measure Your Water Loss

Why Growers Prefer DryGair

DryGair controls humidity, saves energy, and prevents diseases, while providing the best ROI in its class.
Consult our team of experts to figure out the right solution for your needs.