Hydroponics are a major emerging force in commercial horticulture. It has its own set of requirements, differing from traditional cultivation.

Over the past few decades, horticulture technology has evolved drastically. There are now many different techniques to grow crops in controlled, soilless environments.

Do You Need a Dehumidifier for Hydroponics?

Do You Need a Dehumidifier for Hydroponic Grow Rooms and Greenhouses? Hydroponic farming, whether in a greenhouse, or indoor grow room, generates large amounts of moisture. When gone unchecked, high humidity can damage the plants, cause diseases and molds, and slow down their development. Using a dehumidifier, designed for Read More ›

Hydroponic Climate Control – Greenhouse & Indoor

Hydroponic Climate Control – Greenhouse & Indoor Hydroponic climate control is similar to any other type of controlled environment agriculture. However, the lack of soil presents new challenges, and carries more risk. So, the need for tight control over all growing aspects, including climate parameters, is much greater. Read More ›

What Is Vertical Farming and What You Should Know About It

What Is Vertical Farming? Vertical farming is one of many new, innovative, technology-driven cultivation methods. As the name suggests, vertical cultivation means stacking crops on top of each other, in order to optimize space use, and ultimately grow more produce. Vertical farms have various benefits compared to traditional farming: Read More ›

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