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DryGair Presents Dehumidification Solution for Cannabis at Spannabis

We had the pleasure of presenting our dehumidification system and concept at the recent Spannabis conference in Barcelona. DryGair was represented at the conference by partners, Royal Brinkman.

Cannabis’ Mold Problem

Cannabis is a unique crop. It’s both sensitive, and highly regulated, making it one of the most controlled crops in modern horticulture.

In order to legally grow cannabis, for medical or recreational purposes, growers must provide ideal growing conditions. This is done in order to uphold the strict regulations surrounding this crop, including GAP and GMP standards.

One of the biggest issues in commercial cannabis cultivation is mold. Any presence of mold or mildew will disqualify cannabis buds from being marketed, or provided to patients, and may lead to entire crop cycles being lost.

The DryGair Solution for Cannabis

Mold is a humidity problem. Most common molds can only develop in high humidity. So a major part of climate control in cannabis greenhouses and indoor grows in humidity control.

DryGair provides the ultimate solution for commercial cannabis production. Dehumidifiers such as the DG-12 or DG-X are designed specifically for the task of efficiently controlling humidity and preventing mold development.

Besides providing effective and efficient dehumidification, DryGair dehumidifiers are also equipped with a patented air circulation mechanism. This air circulation ensures airflow between the plants, to disperse humid microclimates, and creates uniform conditions in the facility.

Using a dedicated dehumidifier, such as DryGair, also helps in reducing energy costs. When compared to the alternatives – ventilation in greenhouses, and HVAC in indoor grow rooms, DG dehumidifiers are much more efficient at moisture extraction. This allows you to ventilate less, or run the HVAC for shorter periods, ultimately saving an average of 50% on energy usage.

Using DryGair, cannabis growers prevent mold, completely organically, improve yield size and quality, and save energy. To learn more, read our Cannabis Case Study, which includes information from real growing facilities.