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This interview with agronomist and cannabis grower, Elad Spiegel, was originally published in Cannabis Business Times’ February 2019 Dehumidification printed edition.

“I promote the use of DryGair as a focal point in my cultivation environment designs. I leverage its dehumidification, high capacity airflow distribution, and heating & cooling capabilities.”

This is what E. Spiegel had to say when we asked him about using DryGair’s dehumidifiers in his operations. Spiegel, an agronomist and Director of Cultivation & Breeding at Oregon’s Golden Leaf Holdings, has been growing and breeding cannabis for close to a decade. He’s witnessed the industry mature into a professional and regulated environment, firsthand.


The Importance of Climate Uniformity

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“As the industry matures into large-scale operations, it continues to strive for homogenous and harmonious cultivation environments. We’re letting go of the chaotic patchwork problem-solving involved in cannabis cultivation during prohibition and small-scale medical era.”

The DryGair Solution began as a concept in Israel’s ARO (Agricultural Research Organization), a world-renowned practical R&D center. As the industry scales up, professionals and dabblers alike spot the need for dehumidification. It’s found its perfect match in DryGair, a solution developed, tried, and tested for commercial greenhouses and disease sensitive, high-value crops all around the world.

“Cultivation environments, especially commercial greenhouses, always have an airflow scheme that promotes uniform and efficient air distribution or exhaustion.  When excess humidity is concerned, traditional exhausting and heating or placing multiple local dehumidifiers may be effective at keeping rising humidity at bay, but comes with a cost of compromised efficiency, stability, uniformity and control.”


Using DryGair for Total Climate Control

DryGair’s knowledge and experience stem from research and operation in various kinds of crops. Now is the age in which all this is embedded into the booming field of cannabis, to create a truly efficient dehumidification solution for experienced growers wanting to put out consistent, disease-free products.

“Professionalism means consistency, and this can’t exist with the mindset of patchwork problem-solving. I promote the use of DryGair as a focal point in my cultivation environment designs by leveraging its dehumidification, high capacity air distribution, and heating & cooling capabilities. Other environmental technologies support DryGair, not vice versa. This provides me with the assurance that conditions promoting plant disease are at bay. If they appear at all, we regard them as a rare local event.”

Effective humidity and temperature control are basic, essential needs for a successful horticulture business. Using one piece of equipment to efficiently handle these needs saves energy and time. You can then focus on what really matters – growing consistent, high-quality products.

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