America Farmers Taking Example from Europe’s Energy Saving Tech – Published on HortiDaily

While energy efficiency has been a burning issue for growers in Europe for years, the trend is just now reaching the U.S. and Canada. Rising energy prices and fluctuations have been significant for growers over the past year. Today, many are looking to Europe to learn what technologies can reduce energy costs, and how.

The original article, published in HortiDaily, mentions DryGair as one of the these technologies.

How Dehumidification Saves Energy

Using dehumidifiers, such as DryGair, can save a lot of energy in any type of controlled environment agriculture. It’s an efficient piece of equipment that solves one of the most widespread issues in horticulture – humidity control.

Simply turning on your DG dehumidifier does improve cultivation. However, the true energy savings, reaching as much as 70%, are generated by adjusting the growing protocol. DryGair reduces humidity from inside the space, allowing you to completely seal off your greenhouse or grow room.

This is what growers in countries such as the Netherlands have been doing over the past decade, and the results are clear – 50% average energy savings.

These significant results are the reason many governments support products such as DryGair through various subsidies, grants, and financing programs.

As time passes, DryGair continues to evolve, improve efficiency, and further adapt to growers’ needs. The necessity of efficient growing equipment is likely to remain as a major part of horticulture. Growers who are quick to adapt can enjoy improved cultivation at lower costs starting today.

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