Optimal Disease Prevention

During the winter, we would face humidity levels reaching 100% in the greenhouse. This is something we want to avoid, as it leads to diseases.

One disease we used to struggle with in our tomato plants, is Clavibacter Michiganesis (CMM), a seed-borne disease. Of course, as a seed company, we can’t sell seeds that are infected with CMM. The CMM bacteria spreads from one plant to another in high humidity.

So, we purchased DryGair to reduce humidity. When we started, we had around 85-90% relative humidity. However, with the DryGair on, we immediately saw a reduction to 70-75%, and it remained like that all night long.

Preventing diseases by reducing humidity also allows us to use less pesticides in the greenhouse.

Dry Plants in the Morning – Improved Working Hours

Without DryGair, we start working at 8, or sometimes 9am, because the plants are wet in the early morning, and we can’t pollinate in those conditions. When we use DryGair overnight, we can start operations at 6am.

Another benefit we noticed when using DryGair, is that temperatures and humidity levels are the same in every point in the greenhouse.

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