There Are Many Benefits to Using DryGair

“There are many benefits to using DryGair. First of all, reducing humidity. Second, is the prevention of wet leaves. When the leaves aren’t wet in the morning, it allows us to maximize our work hours in the greenhouse. We aren’t limited in our use of manpower.”

Preventing Diseases Without Pesticides

“One of the targets we set when we integrated DryGair, is to reduce our environmental impact and pesticide use. Of course, as DryGair does what it’s meant to do, we hardly use pesticides anymore. Rather, we use preventative products, at a significantly lower rate than before.”

Saving Energy

“I forgot to mention energy. Ventilation involves removing high-energy air from the greenhouse and introducing low-energy air. This process is extremely wasteful in terms of energy. DryGair helps us save this energy as well.”

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