Reported 15% Yield Increase

“Energy saving is one of the most important factors in keeping greenhouse growing viable. Venting out warm humid air has been common practice to achieve lower humidity in greenhouses, which has never made a lot of sense to me.

Looking into research on the matter, I quickly realized that dehumidification would be the best way to achieve significant energy savings. Comparing the different systems, I found that DryGair stood out, as it is a plug and play system with a very high economical value.

Keeping humidity on a constant level has definitely improved the fruit quality, as it has diminished any fungal problems like botrytis.

However, what was not foreseen, is that part of the saved energy from the dehumidification would be absorbed by the plants in the form of increased metabolism. By taking moisture away from the greenhouse, the plants could start evaporating more moisture.

This also means more nutrient uptake through the root system, which in the end results in more fruit! The total yearly production has gone up by 15%. This is a significant increase in production.

Fungal and bacterial issues are also no longer existent since we have full control over the humidity. This is another cost saver, as no sprays are required.”

Southern Belle Orchard, Peppers Grower, New Zealand

Why Growers Prefer DryGair

DryGair controls humidity, saves energy, and prevents diseases, while providing the best ROI in its class.
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