25% Increase In Yield with No Botrytis

Botrytis, also known as gray leaf mold, is very invasive and we knew we had a big infection. We looked around for a solution to take care of our botrytis problem. A solution that would be non-chemical. We eventually contacted DryGair and set up a trial greenhouse.

We used an ordinary greenhouse. The DryGair unit only required the space of a few plants from the two rows in the bed. We didn’t have to change any dimensions of anything.

During the day, because we have automated vents, we’re able to vent when necessary. But DryGair was a big improvement to our setup. During the night we’re able to close the vents, spread the thermal screens and turn on the DG unit. There’s never any fog and everything remains dry. It works perfectly all night.

The heat the system gives off provides a slight temperature increase, which is also benefitial for us and saves on heating.

Higher Yields and More Uniform Products

The DryGair unit also provides better airflow in the greenhouse. The uniformity the air circulation provides improved our fruits’ size uniformity.

When we did the experiment we didn’t expect a change in yields. However, we saw a 25% increase. We were also successful in preventing botrytis.

Syngenta, Seedless Peppers, Switzerland

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