DryGair Significantly Reduces Botrytis in the Plants

“High humidity causes the emergence of a fungus called botrytis, which causes decay in the flower.

We looked for creative solutions to reduce the use of pesticides. DryGair provided a good solution to reduce humidity, without sprays. Using DryGair, we detected a significant reduction in the amount of botrytis in the plants.

We started by purchasing one unit. We purchased more units because we were satisfied with the first one and were pleased with the results it brought.

I look at the end result. For us, every gram is important and worth a lot. Every gram we gain is a success.”

In the cover photo: Ilan Yaar, professional cannabis agronomist

Why Growers Prefer DryGair

DryGair controls humidity, saves energy, and prevents diseases, while providing the best ROI in its class.
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