DryGair Is the Focal Point of Our Cultivation Design

“Professionalism means consistency, and that can’t exist with the mindset of patchwork problem-solving.

We promote the use of DryGair as a focal point in our cultivation environment designs. We leverage its dehumidification, high-capacity air distribution, and heating and cooling capabilities to create the ideal conditions for our plants.

Other environmental technologies support DryGair in our facility, not vice versa. It provides us with the assurance that the conditions necessary for diseases such as powdery mildew are under control. Outbreaks are now seen as a rare local event.”

Golden Leaf Holdings, United States

Why Growers Prefer DryGair

DryGair controls humidity, saves energy, and prevents diseases, while providing the best ROI in its class.
Consult our team of experts to figure out the right solution for your needs.

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