Each DG Unit Collects up to 70 Liters per Hour and We Save Energy!

“High humidity in the greenhouse is undesirable for Kentia palm cultivation. The risk of mold and other diseases increases, due to excessive humidity.

The solution we used previously, was to open the windows. But you lose a lot of energy like that. More heating is then required to maintain ideal temperatures. A lot of CO2 is lost as well, which is important for the growth and quality of the Kentias.”

Active Plants, Disease Prevention, and Energy Savings

“DryGair ensures that the excess moisture in the air is condensed in the device itself, collected and reused. The heat released during this process is also returned directly to the greenhouse. So nothing is lost. Maintaining the right humidity with DryGair is easy, each unit collects as much as 70 liters per hour!

In this way, the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse remain more stable. The plants are more active and healthy, with no diseases. A lot of energy is saved in the process as well.”

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